Call for Artists

We are on the lookout for ambitious proposals for Interactive Artworks, Installations, Interventions & Immersive Environments to become part of Paradigm Electronic Arts. We love art that uses technology in engaging ways or plays with our senses and are open to ideas from artist that can prove their concepts.

We feel Art, Design, Music and Culture stand side by side and want to create a space for synergy as we believe innovation happens at the intersections. Our aim is to create a platform to showcase and promote experimental artists who don’t necessarily fall under the “Traditional Art” bracket.

There are 3 Brackets (open to interpretation) work may fall under:

Interactive Art

Work that requires human interaction (with or without technology)

Visual Art

Work that has been generated using technology, code or data in Digital or Print Format.
This could include Video, Animation, illustration, 3D or Graphic Design.

Sonic Art

Art which utilises sound. (May be interactive).
We’re open to Sonic Environments, Interactive instruments or Experimental Compositions.

We have a variety of different spaces available and will do our best to accommodate installations and interactive environments.

Terms & Conditions

Contribution costs

We are kindly asking selected visual artists who will have works on display for the duration of the exhibition, to contribute £20. Paradigm Electronic Arts is a not for profit organisation, and your contribution will go towards covering the costs of hiring the venue and printing of the exhibition brochure. Paradigm Electronic Arts will not ask for any commission on artworks sold during the exhibition. We will always arrange for artist to make arrangements with buyers independently.

Invigilation & Volunteering

Are you able to lend us a hand? As this is a volunteer-run project, we would love to hear from you. If you choose to volunteer, this might also positively influence your selection. We'll get in touch via email with more details about this if you say yes.

Are you available and when?

Please let us know which date(s) you would be available to invigilate for a half or full day between 4-12th March (Mon-Sun, 10:00am - 6pm or 10.00am – 2pm/2pm-6pm):

Delivery and collection of work

Build of visual works: Monday 29th February - 4th March / Take down : 13th -14th March.

Please note, it is your responsibility to deliver the work on time and remove it immediately at the end of show. Hand in date is Monday 29th February 11am- 6pm. Collection is Monday 13th March 11am - 6pm. There is minimal storage available for late pick-ups and we cannot guarantee the safety of your works after that date, so please make suitable arrangements for collection.


Artists’ work will be displayed at their own risk, and we strongly recommend that exhibiting artists arrange suitable insurance to cover the value of their pieces, as we will not be liable for any damage to your artworks. Summerhall galleries are and will be used for various purposes and you are advised to insure your works against all possible risks.

The exhibition will be invigilated on most days for the whole day where possible, and the space is secure out with the opening times. Every care will be taken as much as possible but the organisers will accept no responsibility for theft or damage. Please see full T’s & C’s Below.

Artist’s contract with Paradigm Electronic Arts.

  1. PEA reserves the right to use any submitted images, including the high resolution images, for the promotion of the ‘Paradigm Electronic Arts’ exhibition and potential usage in marketing materials (catalogues, posters, leaflets, website and social media publications, newspaper and magazine publications) and modifying their formats should the specific media require it. They will not be shared or used for any other purpose than mentioned above. The artist retains full copyright of the images. Those rights are exclusive and not transferable to a third party.
  2. I agree for PEA to use any written text I have provided the organisation with to be re-edited and amended and upon my agreement to be used in the marketing materials. The text will be solely used for the promotion of the ‘Paradigm Electronic Arts’ exhibition and the artist himself/herself. It will not be shared or used for any other purpose than mentioned above. Those rights are exclusive and not transferable to a third party.
  3. Every artist is responsible for insuring his or her artworks for the duration of the exhibition, transport and storage. Summerhall provides the Public Liability Insurance, however neither PEA nor Summerhall take the responsibility for any damage incurred during the exhibition or the hanging or taking down process.
  4. Artists are responsible for covering the cost of the transport of their works.
  5. Artists are responsible for providing their works for the exhibition as agreed with PEA.
  6. All correspondence and documents provided will be treated as confidential between the artist and PEA and, unless consent has been given by both parties, they will not be shared with third parties.
  7. PEA commits to organise the exhibition running from the 29th of February 2016 to the 14th of March 2016 at Summerhall as well as the opening night gala.
  8. PEA is responsible for liaising with Summerhall and covering the cost of venue hire, promotion and entertainment during the private view.
  9. PEA commits to promote the artists and the exhibition in a variety of media free of charge.