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Tales of the Unexpected

Emily Dunlop

We marvel at technologies that have become ubiquitous in our lives, yet we do not fully comprehend how they work. This is the black box theory. When we are confronted with systems whose internal mechanisms are not fully open to inspection. The theory can be applied to technology but also human-interactions. The convergence of plants and technology highlights the hybrid ecology of our world, suggesting we should rethink our relationship to the environment.

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Dipole Repeller

Euan Winton

Pushing out a pattern of light pulled in its direction by the movements off those interacting with the installation the work explores the idea of galaxies and the pressures exerted on the Milky Way. Using a cylindrical central lighting rig of linear points this installation sits in the centre of a darkened room, video feed is played out upon the points of light and these react to the proximity of the bodies around it.

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Excerpts from the comments book

It's took us a Paradigm some time to get over the madness of the exhibition, but now we are back into gear and thinking about next year's event. One job we've been meaning to do is write up all the amazing comments we received in our comments book and through social media. Some of the comments in the book were very hard to read, so we have maybe missed a couple out. 

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