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Frantic Harvest

F9 collective

In a doomed attempt to create a hardcopy of the internet, Frantic Harvest tirelessly produces retro interpretations of online data. The installation makes comment on the mindless consumption of digital real estate and questions the value in our compulsion to preserve the memory of physical events in a digital wilderness. Every image produced is numbered, giving each piece a unique stamp of physical creation.

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I Agree

Alan Brown

‘I Agree’ is an interactive artwork that subverts the aesthetic and function of a CCTV system. A device which looks like an industrial CCTV camera enclosure but handcrafted from wood is attached to a wooden cabinet with a video monitor and crank handle on the front. When the handle is turned the screen and camera are powered on and the participant can be seen on the monitor. The participant is both observer and subject and complicit in the act of surveillance.

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