Rhiannon Hunt - Forest

This piece, ‘Forest’ was created by Rhiannon Hunt during her 3rd year at Napier University on the DaDA (Design and Digital Arts) course, and was created to symbolise Mans increasing removal from nature and dependence on the mechanical world. A bridge between these two worlds is created through the use of sound. The piece is designed to be a passage way, forcing the viewer to interact with it, this causes beautiful industrial sounds to be created as the various metal parts connect with one another, however the rig is wired up to a circuit and as the metal pieces connect they complete the circuit which plays natural sounds. The visuals are meant to seem oppressive, harsh and un-inviting, this juxtaposed with the natural and welcoming sounds of nature and light musical chiming created by the metal parts changes the viewer’s perspective and shows that nature and machine can live in harmony.