Pillar Of The Community

Lauren Mcdonaugh

The closure of The Arches and Fabric created a UK wide conversation around the importance of night time industries. It highlighted the need for new progressive drug safety policies. It questioned issues of power, ignorance and gentrification. A lack of understanding and lack of representation has led to the closure of a large number of clubs across the UK. The hope for other venues to create a new culture out-with the mainstream is falling, if they become targets, the cultural fabric will diminish. Clubs are home to ad-hoc communities, families of strangers with fluid boundaries which may come together and dissolve in a single period of time. A never-ending evolution of underground anti-mass culture. The space that is occupied becomes home to the fundamental atmosphere of the culture. The place during action can transcend space and time, becoming more than the physical. It is through this that we recognise the importance of nighttime clubs and venues and the need to protect them. In response to these issues this pillar’s fluorescent light highlights the views and opinions of DJ’s, promoters and the general public, igniting conversation and shining a light on club culture.

Lauren is a Sculpture and Environmental artist studying at Glasgow School of Art working in various mediums including video, projection and light installation, combining found object, wood and concrete. The context of her work focuses on sub-cultures, social critique and states of consciousness through a personal perspective.