Mateusz Michniewski - Temptations

I was fascinated by art from early age. I was drawing and painting since I can remember and joined the street art movement in late 90s/early 2000s to explore different ways of artistic expression.  

In 2015, after 9 years of my career as an electrical engineer I came to realisation that I can no longer ignore my passion. I have decided to pursue my lifelong dream and went back to college to study digital arts and design full time. 

The “Temptations” animation was created as a 1st year college project for 3D animation course module. The brief to create animated, fictional promo video for a record release was challenging.  I’ve never used any animation software, not to mention 3D animation! I was quickly drawn into the world of endless possibilities and amazed with diversity of such a powerful tool.

My animation is an extension of my paintings and combines futuristic, almost post-apocalyptic vision of the world. The future of technology and discussions around A.I. inspired me to create a metaphor of the ongoing human struggles to create a synthetic homo sapiens.  The clinical look of robotic heads contrasted with warm tones and melancholic tone of the song anthropomorphises androids giving them their own personalities. But without a human interaction, the all-seeing eye, the heads are just pieces of metal: lifeless and cold.