Lily Hassioti - Illuminate

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” - Leonardo da Vinci


Living in an era of consumerism, everyday we get bombarded with so much STUFF. Goods, information, art - it is simply too much to take in. What we need instead is experience – and that is what I try to create. 


Lily Hassioti is a Greek new media artist that works along a variety of materials and processes, creating interactive installations that engage audience in experiences. She is interested in the way new technologies become integrated in art and re-shape contemporary visual culture. Her work lies on the thin line that divides the physical from the virtual reality, questioning our dual existence in these spaces. 


This body of work consists of a series of wax sculptures that melt under a heating lamp when viewers approach the installation and work only with their presence. This slow transformation and deconstruction raises the themes of preservation, quality and value. The use of light, heat and smell target the human senses in order to trigger thoughts and bring back memories. 


This work explores the different forms of knowledge and the impact they have on the viewer when faced with an art piece. The juxtaposition of explicit (codified) and tacit (experiential) knowledge raises questions about our interaction and perception of objects and situations as stimuli for knowledge.