(In)valid Inferences

Dave House & Sarah Calmus

"An inference is valid if (and only if) the truth of all premises guarantees the truth of the conclusion." - David Hume

Meaning is frequently sought within complex and fragmentary systems. Personal and global worldviews emerge, evolve, blend and fall from favour. In a plugged-in, post-truth world, how do we decide what to believe and where do we look for clarity?

You are invited to submerse yourself within the shifting, illusory audiovisual patterns of (In)valid Inference and encounter moments of lucidity, ambiguity and displacement.

Dave House is an Edinburgh-based sound artist and electronic musician. His work, both for performance and exhibition, consists of polyrhythmic soundscapes built from field recordings, found sounds and synthesis. His installations explore themes of time, space and environment.

Sarah Calmus is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently based in Edinburgh, since graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee in 2014. Calmus creates large-scale, immersive installations using a range of media, from glass to light and is influenced by sociological, philosophical and psychological themes.