Excerpts from the comments book


Excerpts from the comments book

It's took us a Paradigm some time to get over the madness of the exhibition, but now we are back into gear and thinking about next year's event. One job we've been meaning to do is write up all the amazing comments we received in our comments book and through social media. Some of the comments in the book were very hard to read, so we have maybe missed a couple out. 

All the artists deserve massive kudos for their work. We love you all! Stay tuned for more news about next years events. 

Very Unusual - I loved the Plastic Cup ‘womb’ - E Spiteri

Very Interesting and unusual in a good way, enjoyed it a lot.

Very Interesting and creative exhibition. Thank you for the lovely emotions. - Agita, Oskars, Katrina

I particularly liked Unstable Creations & the ones you can play with. Great Stuff. - Helen

Moments of Clarity/Fractured Realm/ We are all meda of stars?plastic Vortex were all awesome.

Great VR!

We loved Brightside, So clever, so easy!

Very Clever - Isla

Diverse, Innovative, Inspiring stuff. Especially enjoyed the VR helmet room!

Great Stuff Folks!

Some Great Ideas - Love all the interactive stuff. Really enjoyed the ‘Brainwave’ thing, the motion sensor room and the virtual reality room - lost the floor. Keep up the cool work - didn’t understand how it all works but that is part of the excitement :) Good Job.

Love the VR room and room full of cups! Great diversity in projections. - Kenny

All Fab + VR Extra Fab! :)

Inspiring new interactive exhibition. Great! I really enjoyed it. Hope to see more of them soon. :)) Congratulations!!!

Loved it! Thanks!

Thanks. Cool Sounds, Cool Videos. - Alberto

The whole exhibition was fantastic - very intriguing and imaginative. Inspiring Interactive art + Thought provoking pieces. Huge Congratulations to all involved.

We came with the kids and the absolutely loved it!! Good Fun!! Thanks!

Interesting mix of science and art - Stimulates you to get your phone out and take artistic photos with the exhibits.

That was excellent!! Really enjoyed it

Great Exhibition! Really interesting work and well curated. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Visualise Room WOW what a great trip!! Amazing ;)

Amazing! ;)

What a great way to spend a Sunday, absolutely amazed by all the pieces on display. VR was incredible! :) - Steven

Amazing exhibition. Talented artists presenting some very fresh ideas. Really enjoyed it and very glad I came along. - Bill

Exciting! Thanks.

Came a long way from sellotape and paperclips - Well done Brightside Studios - Dad

Amazing - Chris + Kenny

A lovely place to forget outside exists - Slightly ‘Enter the void’ soul - Evoking but a very uncommonly encountered tone to observe. For that reason I really enjoyed it!

A different experience for a Tuesday morning. Felt the spanner doorway hindered entrance to left side exhibits ie. Enter or no entry! Enjoyed all exhibits especially ‘stars beneath our feet’ - Helen & James

No bad. SUCKS!

Inventive interactive exhibition that tie in well with the environment - Good Stuff! - Lawrance

Interactive Exhibits very interesting.

Firstly, this isn’t the first time I’ve been here. Each time I come along there’s a new level of ridiculous. It’s both amazing and absurd standing looking at each piece of work. For example the room downstairs here with condoms all over the floor and the sex noises “pieces of art”. What the hell are you thinking? It’s madness to even have people call this art but it’s even worse for it to be taking up space in an exhibition hall. I can think of so much more that room can get used for, like a garbage dump for one, maybe you should reconsider what is deemed worthy of taking up space in your halls. I could sit here all day writing about what is wrong with a lot of these ’Art pieces’ but alas I do not have time.

Ali - HNC Computer Arts Student

The Plastic Cup room is amazeballs super fun love it thank you please xoxo

‘Plastic Vortex’ and ‘Creations’ pieces are the best. Thank you =)

Plastic Cups most inspiring

Nice to see such a great variety of work

Love the Typographic ‘corridor’ big fan of the virtual goggles.

Loved the cups.

Congratulations Paradigm artists - Great to see such an array of works for Summerhalls first electronic art exhibition. Hope there is more to come! - Holly - Summerhall Exhibitions Manager

Interesting work and a great space to exhibit in!

We liked the Brain thing <3, The goggles, The  Fracture, The Brightside because they were inventive and interactive

Loved the space room, the ‘Pussy Pillow’ and the Trump button especially. All the pieces are really creative, it’s nice to see a technical principle turned into a creation. Thumbs up!

Love the disco room in here :) very exciting exhibition in general, Thumbs up for the ‘Pussy Pillow!’.

Here with a 1½ , two 2½s and a 3 year old… They LOVED it!

I loved the exhibition my favorite was in the space. - Molly aged 6 (Picture of Planets)

Fabby :)

Great exhibition in Edinburgh!! Amazing people and artists

Thank you so much, it was absolutely amazing to present my work here and see all this fantastic work and meet so many great people!!! - Beniamin Głuszek - Neuromusic - Poland

This played with my head in a very interesting way… Will be back - Alexa

Thanks that was fun x

Spectrum lights are intoxicating. Too much time spent in space rrom! X

Nice work Brendon, Looks great. :) - Sam & Dave

Plastic Vortex & Visualise Room AMAZING!!

Brilliant. Would have been great to have an exhibition booklet. (Booklets ran out due to popularity)

The space looks really cool. I would defo come again if something similar was up! Well done!

Really enjoyed this exhibition. Best part was “we are in the stars” - Imaginative and interesting. Would love to come again :)

Really exciting, loved the interactive stuff. Fantastic use of the space.

Really cool!! :@

Fantastic!! Can’t wait to come back!

Very Cool!

Loved it :)

Super how do you guys do it!?!

Great. Really enjoyed the visit.

Really great variety of different mediums, worth  2 re-visit again!

Very interesting

Very dope! Fabulous. An Awakening ^^,

Amazing! Wish I had come before the last day. X LOVED IT - C&A

Awesome!! Really nice installations.

Soooo Cooool!! <3 IT Great Work - Marta

:) Excellent!

Pay Close Attention.

Lovely work - Something for everyone. Love the Brightside Room = The V.R - something different! - Nic

Thank U

Really Fun!

Eye opening & marvellous. Great to have been twice. Had different experiences. Thanks

I wish the exhibition was on for longer, more people need to see & experience this! Great work by all the artists.

Amazing exhibition and standard of work. The most interesting and well crafted I’ve seen for a very long time. Thank you.

I was saying the same thing - Totally agree!!

Really well puttogether, brilliant range of very fresh work. Fun to watch + contemplate too.

Totally facinating. My second visit. Should have had a longer run.

Fantastic show, so many innovative and immersive works.

A lot of hard work has been put into this very exciting and worthwhile exhibition. It would have been great if it had been on for an extra week or two. - Louise Mackenzie

Lots of original work, extremely interesting - Kenneth

Some very interesting concepts. The VR was the winner though!

Great Installations, a good way to clear your head. Thank you. - Judith & Juliet.

Thank you Louise for your very eye opening work - Fascinating + Beautiful. Best of luck with it.

Great stuff, very impressed with the quality and variery.

I’ve been back twice because it was worth bringing a friend & seeing it again. Wish I’d come sooner.

Great to see your thought turned into reality. Well done guys, Love it!

Venkat was here! xxx

Excellent show!

Loved it! Was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon immersed in sounds and colours and things I didn't know if I should be touching or not

Really cool, and such an atmospheric venue, well done! Hope you get lots more people through!

It was amazing I was so impressed! Defo coming back for another look

It was amazing ! Thanks for a great time!

Will definitely be along at some point. Thanks for bringing this to Edinburgh

Thanks for a great night!

It was spectacular!

Bet it was ticketed!? (it was Free)

Brilliant, well done to all involved x

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