Chris Ward & Rhuari Blair -

Step into an interactive experience that plays with the illusion of space in a site specific virtual environment.

Using audio as the main input, the room reacts and shifts to a bespoke soundtrack, ambient sounds and the viewer's own perception.

Created specifically for the Paradigm Exhibition of Electronic Arts at Summerhall, the piece came together as a collision of ideas when Chris Ward, Rhuari Blair and the space itself all first met.


Chris Ward: Designer, Maker, Animator. Currently working at Whitespace in Edinburgh. I have a passion for experimenting with technology, designing engaging experiences and creating immersive digital and physical interactive environments. My work ranges from 2D/ 3D Animation to experiential and interaction design.


Rhuari Blair: harbouring a desire to push boundaries and provoke reactions, I'm fascinated by what exactly constitutes reality and explore this through a mix of emerging and current technologies.

My history includes architectural projection mapping, multimedia development & coding, VJ, DJ, audio-visual creative & performer.