Beniamin Gluszek - The Neuromusic

'Neuromusic' can be understood as music which is performed only by generating brainwaves.
The brainwaves are measured by the electroencephalograph (EEG), interpreted and transformed into music by the software. The users of the EEG-based music installation (note that the installation is not a means in itself) experience a state of biofeedback when they percept a sounding realization of their brain activity. Musical forms and structures relate to users' brainwaves in real time, so we can notice that there is no obvious border between the meaning of terms such as 'composer', 'performer' and 'audience'.

There are many ways to transform brainwaves into music. For example, it can be done by assignment of specific sound samples to specific levels of the electroencephalograms' amplitude, modulating the sound amplitude by the EEG amplitude or using algorithms based on more advanced EEG-events.

In my applications musical structures change mainly with users' attention and meditation levels, but also raw EEG signal is used.