Aliz Sanduj - A Moment of Clarity

The project was inspired by Tim Morriss’ music. 

Transparent and coloured acrylic sheets are mounted on a 794 by 1041 mm natural wood board. Two movable up-lights are positioned on the floor. The abstracted 3D model represents A Moment of Clarity. With its warm, clear but dreamy mood the music evokes contrary emotions, which are subjective and different for every listener. In the beginning everything is organised but then it starts to become more and more chaotic. In the end the pixels stick together and fly away. This story is my interpretation of the musical piece. By moving the light sources the audience can add other interpretations. Music is very subjective, so the visual representation has to be flexible in its interpretation as well. 

When the light plays with the transparent surfaces it creates fascinating shadows, colours and shining edges, depending on the position and angle of the light sources. To achieve this subtle and smooth movement of the shadows and colours the light sources are manually movable. The essence of the art work are these changing patterns, not the physical model itself.