Alan Brown - Inside/Out

Hot Air

Hot Air has the appearance of an ordinary wall-mounted hand dryer, however when activated it functions in an unexpected way. Rather than blowing warm air, the machine blasts out a recorded audio sample from Republican candidate Donald Trump talking about immigration. The piece plays with the idea of talking ‘hot air’.


A large wooden structure stands within an industrial space. On the front of the structure is a heavy door, which is secured with many latches, padlocks and bolts. CCTV security cameras are mounted on the structure and trailing from the cameras are leads connected to four video monitors. The monitors appear to display the inside of the wooden structure, showing from multiple angles, grainy images of a cell-like space inhabited by a solitary person.

As the viewer explores the room further and makes their way around the cables and monitors, they find that the rear side of the wooden structure is completely open – the structure is empty.

INSIDE/OUT is an installation which explores ideas around perception, imagination and the fear of the unknown, particularly through news media and publicly constructed narratives of fear.

INSIDE/OUT is funded by the Arts Trust Scotland, Creative Scotland and Edinburgh Council.