Beth Carey - untitled


Beth's practice is a continuous investigation in which she explores the aesthetics of objects and materials. Applying a playful approach while investigating their textures, colours, consistencies and perceptions. Although they are not and do not represent living creatures, they have consciousness within them. The thought of synesthesia and how our senses can create surrealistic life and worlds from just looking at these familiar but yet not familiar blends of objects and materials. They somehow stimulate and influence energy of the space they inhabit and encourage viewers to look at things in the world with an open mind.

Beth doesn't have original plans/designs for her works, Rather prefers to have the pieces organically grow themselves with the use of her hands. "I may instigate an idea but the pieces decide what their potentials are. I would then create drawings that will allow me to develop the pieces or develop others, with this you can see the works are then communicating and connecting with each other while they inhabit the spaces given to them".


Martin SweenyComment