Dickie Webb - Fence In

Dickie Webb is somewhat of a nomad alternating between hemispheres throughout his adult life.  This migration has created a sense of dislocation from society and place; this peripatetic lifestyle feeds an art practice not bound by medium.  Webb uses objects, materials and sites to create sound, sculptural, text and photographic works. Drawn to objects for their ability to control or protect space, he explores their anthropomorphic characteristics, reflecting ongoing concerns within the individual and collective.  He uses processes that alter or deconstruct a material introducing uncertainty and removing premeditated control over the final outcome.  Recently Webb has used a glitch process to create audio/visual collage works, editing digital photographs with audio software.  Bending digital data to craft samples, which are then composed into video collage works.  


For Paradigm Webb has installed ‘Fence In‘ a new work that combines glitch and real world sounds taken from temporary fencing in Edinburgh.  The audio within the room emanates from intermittent speakers hung from wires.  The sound of chain link fences resonating, stretching and breathing as the wind passes through them. A projection flickers within the room alternating between dual imagery, infrequently mirroring each other.  These visuals create an awareness of a second soundtrack that accompanies these images, an awkward choreography where glitch audio-visuals interrupt the subtle inhale/exhale from the fences.  These introduced borders within our landscape offer more than control and protection they are sites of exchange, thresholds where transactions occur heightened by our senses.