Audio Pervert

An LL favourite featuring analogue machines. Nik Kinloch AkA AudioPervert (4 Player Records) centres his sound on dubby, evolving, improvised performances focused on analog synth lines and unfussy drum sequences. His work crosses a number of genres, from Techno to classic Electro, always keeping it simple, stupid!

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Blueroom Collective

'Glyph' explores social actions, dichotomies and opposites through the familiar symbols we use in everyday language, whether spoken, written or encoded.

Blueroom Collective is group based in Edinburgh, working in experimental visual. Their work celebrates the connections between the conceptual and the constructive and is primarily expressed through typography.  Blueroom Collective received the Designer Award at the Sunday Herald Scottish Culture Awards 2017. The group has exhibited in Edinburgh and Berlin. Their most recent show 'Nowhere' ran during October at Custom Lane in Edinburgh.

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We Throw Switches

alt.arcade project is a collection of modern-day, alternative arcade cabinets, created around the core question of: What would an arcade look like if the idea was conceived in 2017, and not 1977? 

The result is a collection of cabinets that use modern technology and design cues; feature one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces by local artists and illustrators; and also showcase unique work made by a variety of diverse and independent game creators from around the world.

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Hostel Freaks

Hostel Freaks is a producer originally from the dark depths of the Scottish Highlands, who makes sci-fi techno, synth-wave sound soundtracks, & cosmic electronica.

Using synths, drum machines, a tiny theremin, & other weird gadgets that look like broken calculators; the live show lets the audience delve into a strange world inspired by cheapo travel, zany hostels, video game nostalgia, & abandoned warehouses.

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Brightside Studios

Blending exquisite contemporary dance with cutting-edge technology, we bring you a visceral experience of dance through VR. Immerse yourself in a dark and shadowy world, and let your whole self be moved as you choose your own viewpoint and flow within the dance. Experiment with the dancers as they explore new pathways within Virtual Realities - fall, rise, turn and fly with us into the stars.

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