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-Free as part of Paradigm Electronic Arts Opening Party-

UNFORESEEN is a series of events programmes that generate new cross-artform artistic work by curated artists and includes audiences and contributors from other disciplines as part of this creative process. Each new programme takes inspiration from material generated by the previous UNFORESEENs, building a long-term, evolving work.

This third programme, UNFORESEEN III, responds to the new context of Paradigm Electronic Arts festival 2017 and its ‘Inside Out’ theme, with a project focussed on human interaction design, with the art form of dance as the primary input. The previous UNFORESEENs have been pretty 'inside out', so for this, flipping the norm means making the format more structured and familiar. The content is still anything but:

Dancer Marie Williamson (All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre) and audio hacker Danjeli Schembri (Rockstar North) will bring to the audience their progress on digital app ‘REACT’ that enables Marie to generate audio and video signals from her movement alone, turning the body into an instrument of electronic music. Responsive visuals will also be driven by Marie's movements, creating a form of expression that combines numerous forms.

The conversation will be opened up to audience feedback and interactive participation with the app during the session. Guided discussions addressing the four categories focussed on by the Paradigm festival (design, interactive, sound, visual art), will aid the process of gaining useful ideas and insights, and shaping the next iteration of REACT.

The artists and audience will be joined by previous contributing artists for the UNFORESEEN series and ideas generated for how the finished app could be used within a future event.


Since graduating as a contemporary dancer in 2012 Marie has been discovering her career as an aerial dancer. Working freelance with All Or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre she has taught, choreographed and performed in harness, silks and trapeze all over Scotland. Some of the places she has performed is Enchanted Forest, Commonwealth Games, National Museum of Scotland, and Scottish National Galleries both on the ground and in the air.


Creating tools for use in the audio team at Rockstar North, Danjeli has credits on the world's fastest selling entertainment product in history and among the most critically acclaimed, Grand Theft Auto 5. He is also a prolific artistic develeoper in his free time, including co-developing ﹰEdinburgh export and fellow Paradigm installation the Giant 303 (

In this video, Danjeli shows some of the history of experiments between technology and dance, and gives an idea of the capabilities of the current app so far ...


The mastermind behind Paradigm Festival joins us in his capacity as a versatile visual digital artist. Martin's digital artwork as Unstable Creations combines playful geometric sculptural elements with a technique called Projection Mapping and uses sound as the source to create reactive visual content. All the visual elements within these unstable creations are purely generative. Colour, shape, brightness and patterns are all created from frequencies within the audio.

The way this works with the generative input being a dancing human remains to be seen...



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