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Audio-Visual Arts & Design Exhibition

For one week only Paradigm will transform the Biscuit Factory into an interactive playground of visual arts, interactive installations, and responsive sonic environments. 

Last year saw over 30 international artists & collaborators from a variety of disciplines come together to create an exhibition of highly creative work featuring; mind controlled music, visuals and sound that follow movement, 3 dimensional glitch art, virtual reality, sights and sound of micro-organisms, interactive light installations, projection mapping and much more.

Full details coming soon.


Background Image: Laurence Chan



We're extending our Open call to Specialists in the above categories who would be interested in running a workshop or presenting a topic.

If you have an idea for a talk or a workshop please email using the button bellow.

UPDATE: There this link was broken, please contact us again. 

Our Partners

The Noise Floor

The Noise Floor

Blueroom Collective

Blueroom Collective



We're looking to align Paradigm with forward thinking brands who want to support this emerging industry. If you would like to talk to us about a possible partnership, please contact us via the form.



Congratulations Paradigm artists - Great to see such an array of works for Summerhalls first electronic art exhibition. Hope there is more to come!
Some Great Ideas - Love all the interactive stuff. Really enjoyed the ‘Brainwave’ thing, the motion sensor room and the virtual reality room - lost the floor. Keep up the cool work - didn’t understand how it all works but that is part of the excitement :) Good Job.
Great Exhibition! Really interesting work and well curated.
very intriguing and imaginative. Inspiring Interactive art + Thought provoking pieces.